Tips For Creating A Successful Brochure

  • You need a great logo .A great logo is not something to take lightly. A huge part of your success will rely on the type of image that your logo will project.
  • Put your selling message on the cover. This is one of the most important rules of all. The cover of a brochure works like the headline of a print advertisement. Four out of five people never get past it. If you solely depend on the inside to make a sale, you’re wasting 80% of your money.
  • A compelling headline. Your brochure should be very specific and solve a problem.
  • Double the power of your headline with a really good sub headline.
  • Use positive language. The information throughout the brochure should be positive, interesting and vivid. The active voice generally has a better impact than a passive one. For example, instead of saying, “The following is available at my company,” say, “My Company offers the following.”
  • Guarantee your products or services. Ensure that the buyer will be satisfied with your products or services. Always try to reverse the risk or eliminate the risk of doing business with you. This will highly increase your response and conversation rate on what you’re offering.
  • Include specific facts and figures. Use statistics to demonstrate that your company is competent and skilled.
  • Use testimonials. A testimony is a statement from customers praising you for your product or service. Be sure you get the customer’s permission before you use it. People feel more confident with your company when they see how highly others think of your business.
  • Always write in terms of how it would benefit the reader. The most important thing to remember is to write in terms of how your product or services will be useful to your readers. Fight the urge to ramble on about your company.  Many people tend to go on and on about their mission statement. People want to know what you offer and how it’s going to help them.
  • Explain why people should act. Marketing is all about giving “reasons why” people should do business with you. Use bullet points.
  • Include a call to action. In your brochure, ask the reader to take action such as calling for more information or for a quote.
  • Give only way to respond. Don’t confuse people with several phone numbers, faxes, and emails. Give them just one option.
  • Use scarcity. People want things more when they know there are only a few left. In this case you might want to point out how important it is to call right away.
  • Select pictures that tell a story. The right photographs can often express your positioning better than words.
  • Ask for the business. What action should the reader take?
  • Explain the cost of doing nothing. There is always a cost of letting problems linger. Remind the reader that the cost of not acting can be very high. This provides additional motivation to get your reader to DO something.
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